Courageous_Confidence2Step #3 - Creating Courageous Confidence
Stepping out from behind the mask, into the true you!

Confidence to be who you are isn't something you buy or a magic elixir drank from a bottle - it's a gift! Imagine being authentically you, sharing your gifts with the world, and being "confident about who you are," without arrogance or being bitter if someone doesn't accept you - a tricky transition to make. From a young age, you may have been surrounded by "Should be's" and "Have to's" that have diminished your "I am's!"


With each,"Don't call attention to yourself..." or "Shush, no one wants to hear you...," you're forced into believing this is "How you're supposed to be!" Before you know it, the core of who you are has been lost in the shuffle of "Living to please others." The masks of self-doubt and not good enough prevail, even though you know you're a homosexual, you're just not ready to talk about it. However, that mask of pretending be someone you're not, no longer fits and you're finally ready to "Create Courageous Confidence" to say, "I'm Gay."


Coming Out With Coming Unglued
A straight-forward approach to support you!

Whether you're a single, 20-something, married with kids, or experiencing life as an empty nester, there isn't a perfect time to discover your true sexuality and come out of the closet.

In fact, we all discover it at the same time..."When we're ready!" In those "AHA" moments, our sexual energy finally gets our attention, and we realize life as we knew it is no longer healthy, productive, or satisfying...and it's not just about sex. It's about being true to ourselves!

I hate labeling the process as sexuality, or coming out coaching! It's not like I'm going to shove you out of the closet with a few tips and say, "Good luck!" It's more about getting deep down into you, so you can come out exactly the way that makes you feel most comfortable.

It's about finding that power within you to say, "Yes, this is me and I'm completely comfortable with me from the inside out."

What I do is help people Come Out Without Coming Unglued, in a safe, confidential, supportive environment. There's no magic process or system I use. Why? Because coming out can't be done by a book, a process, or a system. It just happens. In fact, coming out is quite fluid, just like you, your personality, and your daily life experiences. And that's exactly the approach I take to help you take that big step forward to be exactly who you are...YOU!

We have candid, simple conversations each and every session to help you along with finding your way to your truth. No pressure. No "do it this way!" We simply explore together what's going on and how to best move you forward to be happy in yourself, out of the closet.


TFP_Info Step #4 - Truth, Freedom, Powerful Purpose
Living your truth and being free in your powerful purpose!

You've finally decided there's no closet door narrow enough, strong enough or capable of holding you back from "coming out" and being your true self. You know you're gay and ready to move forward. The values and beliefs you've always held deep within as "your truth" have finally created enough noise to be heard, and living in the shadows no longer serves you. You're in the moment, feeling fearless, and all you need to move forward is a "coming out" plan filled with love, dignity, courage, and self-confidence.


Mindset_Reset_InfoStep # 2 - Mindset Reset
Kicking what's keeping you awake at night, out forever

You're done with being stressed, ready to slowly explore, and want to change up your life on your terms. Curiosity of "What if I am homosexual, bi-sexual, transgender?" has peaked your interest, but the little voices and false beliefs step forward, and before you know it...NOTHING'S HAPPENING AND YOUR STILL STUCK. Life's monotony continues. Two months, one year, five years from now, you'll still be saying "Someday I'll figure out my sexuality!" Or will you? To start the exploration, you must give yourself full permission to step slowly and purposefully into a Mindset Reset. We'll spend our time examining the heart of your blocks, listening to the funky voices and false beliefs, to create a slow easy shift to shed the beliefs that "no longer serve you," while cradling you in a safe space of self-exploration. We go at a pace that's comfortable for you to ensure that you come to terms with "Am I homosexual?"




Step #1 - The True "U" Process
Our starting point in the "Coming Out Without Coming Unglued Process"

You're excited and exhausted. Your thoughts are screwed up, yet you clearly know what you want to do. Every waking moment you wrestle, trying to make sense of your sexuality. The True U Process pinpoints the roadblocks that are stopping you from stepping into your authentic self, and living at peace - no more guilt or shame about your sexuality.