denise_finalHe Said, She Said...The Art Of Coming Out and Being A Late Bloomer

What happens when you "come out" late in life? New revelations? More intense fears? Beliefs that you will never survive? Join Coming Out Coaches Rick Clemons and Denise LeFrance as they share their mutual perspectives about coming out late in life - the pitfalls, joys, challenges, and thrilling freedom that the journey brings. It's an hour packed with tips, advice and truths to support you as you contemplate..."Is it to late to be me and live my truth?"

ryanTransgender: A Different Out Of Body Experience

In honor of all those who brave the confusion, fear, and demons of acceptance of being trapped in the body that simply doesn't fit like a favorite pair of jeans, we honor our Transgender brothers and sisters.


Ryan Sallans, female to male transgender, is unravels the "mysteries of transgender acceptance." Smart, witty, and wrapped in a hot new package of masculine sexuality, Ryan has become a National Speaker, Advocate, Inclusion Trainer, and a symbol of truly "living in your truth."

Caring deeply for those in pain, Ryan utilizes his story, addictions, disorders, and deep compassion to bring a ray of hope to all he encounters. During this weeks show we'll be going raw and real, taking a deep dive into the truth of finally saying, "Dammit this is me and I'm going to allow my inner rebel to come out and play before its to late.Find the will to be your way in the world - Download the podcast!


394749 10151089439622433 155075342 nLoving Your Body...All Of It!


Negative body image, self loathing, and the pain people feel because of it are at an all-time high. Most women (80-90%) and now many men, especially gay men, are consumed, obsessed, and battling their bodies over how they look and what is “wrong” with them. They tell themselves how; ugly, fat, disgusting, horrible, cellulite-ridden, wrinkled, miserable, acne-ridden, lazy, crazy, angry, and sad they are. People are more aware of their flaws then anything they may do well like: being productive, accomplishments, taking the first step, loving, and so on. The pain is progressive and gets worse as time goes on. Until you stop the madness.

Today you'll meet Bonnie Gayle, body liberator and founder of Sex Butter!

Having battled her own demons around "not good enough," hating her body, and wishing she looked different, Bonnie finally came to the light bulb moment realization that "loving your body starts from within!"

Love your body...all of it! Download!


eric-pic-350-x-4751How To Protect Your Assets as an LGBT Individual

As sobering as all this may seem, we to often forget to think about the future in the right way, in the here and now. Instead we dream of building our businesses, finding true love, traveling the world...all great thoughts in their own right. Ironically, not a one of those thoughts does us any good if our future isn't taken care of in the present moment. Now's the time, now's the place to step out, step up, and step into protecting yourself, your loved ones with some great insights around being legal in an LGBT world...and we're not talking about being of age.

Eric A. Rudolph, Attorney at Law, Gay Man, and active resident of Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley, helps us look through a clear legal lens at specific challenges LGBT individuals face. Candid in approach, Eric will provide insights and pitfalls to avoid, for anyone of any age or station in life in the LGBT community. It's time to let your inner Elle (Legally Blonde reference required) loose and find the protection that will serve you best.


denise_finalExploring Both Sides Of The Gay Parenting Coin with Denise LeFrance!
From, "Mom, Dad I'm Gay," to "Kids I have something to tell you!"

Not everyone is meant to be a parent. Nor is everyone meant to be the parent of a LGBT child. However, there's something unique about those individuals who are LGBT and choose to be parents. It's a loving, desire against all odds, to push the societal boundaries, and claim your stake to make a difference in the world by being a parent. Whether you come into parenting naturally by "coming out of the closet" from a heterosexual marriage with kids, or make the committed decision to adopt or bring a child into the world through surrogacy, you have made a conscious choice to travel the road less travelled.

The other side of the coin are the parents whose children change their world as they knew it the moment that declare, "Oh by the way, I thought you'd want to know I'm gay/lesbian!" And, it usually doesn't happen that nonchalantly.


keithheadshotBefriending Grief and Loss
With Keith Miller!

A compelling and thought provoking hour of candidly addressing the soulmates of grief and loss and how to move beyond "human suffering" in an authentic way. If you're embroiled beyond belief in a tragic loss, or find yourself constantly stepping into a grief stricken state due to a wound from the past, then you won't want to miss these tips and tools for embracing, “This is life, life happens this way – it's nudging you to look at different paths.”


poppy1_v2_emailLife In Drag! Live it, Be It, Embrace Who You Are!

Entertainer, gay man, drag performer, highly conscious, and keenly intuitive, Christopher Michael Graham, opens up and shares his insights, trials, and joys of being a gay man/drag performer in society and the LGBT Community. Is there discrimination? What's it like to always have to be on? Does this life get in the way of finding true love?

These and more answers when Christopher and his drag persona Poppy Fields take center stage in the studios of The Coming Out Lounge. Thought provoking, tender, hilarious, and real don't even touch the surface of what's in store.


davidcruziiiFinding Cupid In A Gay & Lesbian World

Gay, straight,bi-sexual, transgender; the mixing bowl of finding love doesn't really change regardless of your sexual orientation...it's just the recipe varies slightly.

  • Is he into me because of my pecs and abs?
  • Does she like me because I'm more butch than her?
  • Do we really get each other because we were both married before we came into our sexual truth?

Hot, cute, handsome, pretty, successful, witty, focused, and driven describe this week's guest, and former Millionaire Matchmaker star, David Cruz III of Finding Cupid - Romance Enthusiast extraordinaire. Whether it's love letters, proposals, weddings, cards or romantic comedies - he loves it all and he's made it his passion.

David and I will be exploring what's hot, trending, and fizzling out in the world of LGBT dating, mating, and making it work. This is the show you won't want to miss if you're still looking for love in all the wrong places. Straight to the point, on point, and with a little prod from the point of Cupid's Arrow, you're sure to get red hot tips on moving from the world of Mr. or Mrs. Right Now into happily ever after.


trent_0808Kicking GAIL To The Curb?

Who is GAIL and why do we care? She's a devious little resident that resides within each of us as we journey "out of the closet." In fact she resides within each of us each day of our lives, regardless of what we are doing...but it doesn't mean she has a lifetime lease.

Join Life Coach Trent and Coming Out Coach Rick as we talk about the Gremlins, Assumptions, Interpretations, and Limiting Beliefs that come to life as we venture "out of the closet" or through anything in life for that matter.

What you'll discover is a rich arsenal of tools and tips that can help you truly invite Ms. GAIL to step out of your life and make room for living your life authentically and with powerful purpose.


marla-2022Full Yes Living - Divorce + Being The Mother Of A Gay Son!

How do you step into your Full Yes!? You let the challenges become the Yes's and let the no's go by the way side. This powerful show takes us full circle as Professionally Certified Coach Marla Gorlick shares her perspective as a divorced Jewish Mother who just happens to have a gay son! Sharing her version of Full Yes! living, she provides insights for emotional, physical, mental and spiritual alignment so that Full Yes! just becomes a way of life

akil campbellShades Of Being A Dual Minority and Gay!

Often overlooked in the fight for gay rights, minority populations have unique struggles that will are explored during this powerful hour when we address the challenges and discrimination that individuals of color face as they come out of the closet and live in the LGBT community and society.

Hailing from the tropical isle of Jamaica, Akil Campbell, Raleigh, North Carolina resident, Chair for Shades of Pride, and Advisory Member for the National Voices for Equality, Education and Enlightenment (NVEEE), brings a heart felt perspective to being Gay and African American to the Coming Out Lounge.


Gratefully Gay - The Art of Being A Happy Homosexual

During the debut show of "The Coming Out Lounge," Certified Professional Coach Rick Clemons shares his own coming out journey - married with kids to out and asking, "Will this tornado ever quit causing havoc." Heart felt, truthful, and authentic, the show addresses how to find the gratitude in being gay in a straight world. It's the perfect dose of an "attitude of gratitude" in a world that can be not so kind to LGBTQ individuals.